Read ‘Em And Drink: Posts of the Week

30 Oct

In case you missed them, a handful of my favorite drinks posts from this week.

First Growth by the Flight – A tasting bar that serves first growths? Yes, please!  According to it’s now possible to sample Margaux, Lafite, Cheval Blanc, Ausone and all the other left and right bank heavy hitters (sans Petrus and Le Pin) at the newly opened wine bar/shop hybrid, the Wine Gallery.  Only problem?  It’s in Bordeaux…so you probably won’t be dropping in this weekend, but it’s still kind of awesome.

Fun facts on Fizz — To find out why hangovers from bubbly are so wicked, how many bubbles are really in that bottle of Champers, and the proper way to store your sparklers, scroll about halfway down this post from My Wine Education.

Pink Is the New Red“Is it wrong to drink rosé wine in winter?” is Victoria Moore’s quickly answered (in the first sentence, no less!) title question in this UK Guardian article after my own heart.  Read this if you’re looking for encouragement to keep slugging the pink stuff even as the mercury drops.

A Blogger Promotes..a Wine Magazine?  After all the blogs vs. traditional media brouhaha, it’s refreshing to see the tables turned at Good Grape where this week Jeff Lefevere promoted an honest-to-goodness, hard copy wine magazine called Sommelier Journal, written by wine professionals for wine professionals.  Sounds pretty interesting…

We Love Millenials, Really! – Over at Palate Press, Beth Elderkin exposes the wine world’s dirty little secret, ageism against young wine drinkers, in her article “Too Young For Wine?”  It’s an enlightening read, especially given the number of studies and articles published in the mainstream press touting Millenials as the future of the wine business.


3 Responses to “Read ‘Em And Drink: Posts of the Week”

  1. Beth 10/30/2009 at 9:42 am #

    Sommelier Magazine is excellent, my boyfriend’s dad subscribes to it and it is extremely educational. And thanks for the plug!

    • Ms. Drinkwell 10/30/2009 at 11:23 am #

      Yes, it sounds like a good read, and I was happy to learn about it this week. And, you’re welcome. I only “plug” things I really like, and thought you’re article was very informative and shed light on a real problem that is all too often overlooked.

  2. Thomas Pellechia 11/02/2009 at 6:46 am #


    When I operated a winery and its tasting room, I was always so pleased to meet young people interested in the product. We weren’t far from three colleges.

    Later, when I opened a wine-only shop in Manhattan’s East Village, it was a delight to meet so many young people learning about wine.

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