The Week in Wine Jobs

11 Sep

3407226408_56a1ba3961_mSo you think you want a wine job?  Here are three of this week’s more entertaining options:

1.  The Safeway in Hood River, OR is looking for a Wine Steward who can provide superior service (read: help customers locate wine on shelf), reduce out of stocks (read: tell a manager when something runs out), and maintain beer and wine sections and additional merchandising locations throughout the store (read: this is really a stockboy/girl position with a fancy title).  Pros – a case of wine weighs about 40 pounds and Safeway has shelves at multiple heights.  There will be a lot of lifting, bending, and squatting involved.  You can cancel your gym membership and still be in the best shape of your life.  Cons – see last parenthetical.

2.  Patz & Hall in Napa, CA is seeking a Wine Educator to host guests in their Salon.  What does this mean?  Patz & Hall needs a salesperson in their tasting room.  Not just any salesperson Wine Educator, but one who is “able to provide exemplary, high-touch customer service at all times.”  I’m not going to touch that one.  Guess I’m not the right girl for the job.

3.  Also in Napa, Foster’s Wine Estates Americas needs a Costing Analyst.  Among the major responsibilities?  “analysis and integrity of std costs in the P&L and “Ensuring that people outside supply finance can understand key drivers of cost and COGS.”  As to responsibility #1, I’m pretty sure it’s never a good idea to use the abbreviation std in a job posting.  As to responsibility #2, in order to ensure that people outside Foster’s supply finance division (i.e. job seekers) might take an interest in and actually apply for this position, it probably would have been a good idea to employ standard English … and avoid the use of the term COGS.


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