Twitter Me This…Drink Drank Drunk

3 Sep

2667492640_02035c2a78_mIt’s amazing what you find simply by typing the word “drunk” into Twitter’s search box.

@khartig Will Resveratrol Let You Live Forever? (via @singularityhub) Probably not but you can get drunk on red wine trying.

@shawnadelmuerte Decided I was all for vodka before 8am yoga. Now I’m all for more vodka before trig. But I’m not an alcoholic; Mary Ann is drunk, too.

@asianjohnrules that’s 2 for 2 on getting home drunk and making a huge salad. awesome.

@ExurbanJon Next study:”Is the Pope Catholic?” RT @Heminator Yr tax $ at work: College Students Get More Drunk When Drinks Are Cheap

@iansaysnothing Fact error: apparently I wasnt the last person here two days ago. its hard to keep these things straight when you come to work drunk.


And the obvious….

@slomooo im gona be drunk this whole weekend #festa


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